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PAU & DIMSUM 包点 / 点心

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好伙伴大肉包 2pcs

好伙伴叉烧包 4pcs

好伙伴豆沙包 4pcs

好伙伴梅菜包 4pcs

RM 9.80Add to CartRM 9.50Add to CartRM 7.80Add to CartRM 9.20Add to Cart

好伙伴莲蓉包 4pcs

好伙伴奶皇包 4pcs

好伙伴小笼叉烧包 9pcs

好伙伴 混合小笼包 270g

RM 7.80Add to CartRM 9.20Add to CartRM 9.00Add to CartRM 7.50Add to Cart

好伙伴叉烧糯米鸡 2pcs

好伙伴烧卖 9pcs

好伙伴烧卖 30pcs

好伙伴酸甜腐皮卷 10条 500g

RM 9.50Add to CartRM 10.50Add to CartRM 19.90Add to CartRM 16.50Add to Cart

Lo Mai Gai 佳乡糯米鸡 1 each

鸿诚荷叶包 10pcs

好伙伴荷叶包 10pcs

小馒头 400g

RM 3.80Add to CartRM 5.00Add to CartRM 4.00Add to CartRM 6.80Add to Cart

爆浆比利时巧克力馒头 15pcs

RM 17.80Add to CartRM 9.90Add to CartRM 9.90Add to CartRM 9.90Add to Cart

RM 9.90Add to CartRM 11.50Add to CartRM 4.70Add to CartRM 7.00Add to Cart
1 - 24 of 56

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+607-521 5639
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